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We are two Aussie blokes who believe the older you get the better you should get! Ken is a retired pastor who spent years helping other people make sense of the things going on in their life and giving positive messages from the bible on living a good life. Warren is a semi-retired IT specialist who loves helping other blokes make their life count.

So, we wanted a place to help others find ideas and help them become better one day at a time. This is a place where you can read the stories of others and see how they are doing in retirement. And a place where you can contribute to the lives of others who are in a similar life stage to you.

In this place you’ll find great ideas like:

  • Travelling on a shoestring and visiting places that should be on your bucket list.
  • The truth about your health as you age (& other questions you really wanted to ask but weren’t game).
  • How to edit those thousands of photos you have stored in slide boxes, the camera or your computer and how to make them into an interesting slide show telling your story for the next generation with music, commentary and titles.
  • Positive things to think about each week.
  • Resolving outstanding conflict in the family.
  • How to use your smartphone and amaze your grandchildren.
  • Plus hundreds of ideas to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

If you want to tell us your story, or write about any good idea you have found, then click on the “CONTRIBUTE” button above or send attach it to an email to retiredblokes1@gmail.com We can add pictures and links or other information if needed. We’ll publish it if it fits our philosophy of adding value to others.  But it must be positive, your own work and we will need to edit it to make sure it fits our website template.

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