Super Moon

Super Moon 15 Nov 2016.

Super Moon on Horizon 14 Nov 2016

Super Moon on Horizon 14 Nov 2016

Here are the super moon pictures from 14 and 15 th Nov 2016 as promised.
The yellow/orange colour is mainly due to the moon being closer to the horizon than than when the grey picture was captured.

Super Moon 13 Nov 2016

Super Moon 13 Nov 2016

I think the moon is always pretty super, but on 14 Nov 2016 it is officially a super moon. It’s a little bit high in the sky tonight (13 Nov) by the time it is dark so I think it will be great to check it out when it first rises on about the 15th, for the east coast of Australia and should have lots of colour.

I think it can be relaxing and inspiring to look at the moon from time to time.  If you have binoculars you can usually see the craters. If you have a small telescope or a long zoom on your camera you can take a shot and crop the image to magnify it. Can be a good family activity.

So how do they get those shots where the moon is huge on the horizon compared to ‘say’ a tree nearby.  Essentially it is done by getting a long distance back from the ‘tree’ and zooming with something like a 400 mm lens. Not everyone has one of those. Then the image is processed to improve it and cropped to removed unneeded space.

I will post some updated photos here, if I am lucky enough to be able to take them.

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